October 26, 2022 08:30 Regulatory

Solid Försäkringsaktiebolag to repurchase shares

Solid Försäkringsaktiebolag´s (publ) Board of Directors has, based on the authorization from the extraordinary general meeting on 29 September, decided to initiate a share buy-back program.

The main reason for the buy-back program is to create a tool for the Board to continuously during the year adapt and improve the company’s capital structure and thereby create additional value for shareholders. The intent is that the repurchased shares will later be cancelled by resolutions of upcoming Annual General Meetings.

The repurchase of shares may only be effected on Nasdaq Stockholm, on one or several occasions during the period up to the next Annual General Meeting, in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  • Acquisition of own shares may occur of at most as many shares as are needed so that the company’s holdings of own shares at any given time do not exceed five (5) per cent of all shares in the company.
  • Acquisition of own shares must occur on Nasdaq Stockholm in accordance with Nasdaq Stockholm’s Rule Book for Issuers.
  • Acquisition of own shares may only be effected on Nasdaq Stockholm at a price per share within the registered span of share prices at the particular time, by which is meant the span between the highest price paid and the lowest selling price, or if the Board instructs a member of Nasdaq Stockholm to accumulate a specific number of the company’s shares for its own account during a limited period, at a price per share within the price interval at the time or an equivalent volume‐weighted average price.
  • The shares are to be paid for in cash.

Completed acquisitions of own shares will be disclosed and reported in accordance with applicable laws and regulations as well as Nasdaq Stockholm Rulebook for Issuers.

Solid Försäkringsaktiebolag currently holds 0 treasury shares.

For the complete authorization resolved on by the EGM of Solid Försäkringsaktiebolag on 29 September 2022, please refer to Solid Försäkringsaktiebolag´s website, https://corporate.solidab.se/en/