A leader in niche insurance

Solid Försäkring is one of the leading niche insurance companies in the Nordic region in non-life insurance. We sell insurance in the Product, Personal safety and Assistance segments. The target group for products is comprised of private individuals who mainly purchase insurance through our partners when they buy a product or service.

Our partners operate in many industries and include retail chains, banks, credit institutions, travel agents and car dealerships that offer Solid’s non-life insurance for the products and services they sell.

Our partnerships are mainly long term. We have collaborated with over 75 per cent of Solid’s 25 largest partners for more than five years. Through these partnerships, we have accumulated a customer base of about 2.3 million private customers in mainly Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Solid has had its head office in Helsingborg since it was founded in 1993 and reported premiums earned of just over SEK 1 094 million in 2023.