Our insurance operations are divided into three segments: Product, Personal safety and Assistance.  For more information about each segment, see below.


Within the Product segment, Solid offers all-risk coverage insurance and elimination of deductibles for a wide range of product categories in the form of both individual insurance and group insurances (mainly compulsory group insurances). Solid has a particularly strong position in bicycles and consumer electronics in Sweden and Norway based on strong and far-reaching relationships with large retail chains. In addition to bicycles and consumer electronics, we also offer all-risk coverage insurance and elimination of deductibles for such products as white goods, garden tools, glasses, watches and jewellery.

Personal Safety

The Personal Safety segment includes income insurance, payment protection insurance (PPI), ID theft insurance and accident insurance. Through Solid Försäkring’s income insurance, policyholders are guaranteed to receive up to 80 per cent of their salary even if the person earns more than the limit under the national unemployment benefit level.

PPI is offered to customers in Sweden in the form of compulsory and voluntary group insurance. Individual insurance is distributed in the other Nordic countries served by Solid. PPI can in many cases be taken out when the policyholder has a loan or credit and means that the policyholder receives compensation corresponding to the cost of the loan or credit every month for up to 12 months. Compulsory group insurance means that customers taking out a loan or a credit with a creditor who distributes Solid Försäkring’s PPI products and meets the conditions to be encompassed by the PPI product are automatically encompassed by compulsory group insurance without any extra cost for three months, for example, after taking out the loan or credit.

Solid Försäkring’s ID-Protection Plus is a form of ID protection that helps policyholders to prevent and detect identity theft and limit any financial loss arising from identity theft.

Accident insurance is distributed via Chubb European Group SE who is the insurance provider. Accident insurance means that the policyholder can receive compensation for costs in connection with an accidental injury.

The Personal Safety insurance policies are essentially distributed exclusively through partners such as banks and credit institutions.


In the Assistance segment, Solid Försäkring offers assistance, insurance associated with vehicle warranties, the recently launched Självriskhjälpen (“Deductible help” for tax deductible expenses) and various insurance products for the travel industry.

Assistance means that the policyholder can receive assistance, for example, when they have a punctured tire or breakdown, and compensation for a hire car and hotel. Solid Försäkring has a partnership with SAS International, which provides an easy contact channel via telephone. Assistance is distributed through both partners, such as car dealerships, car mechanics and stores, but also directly to customers.

Insurance associated with vehicle warranties means that Solid Försäkring provides a concept for car dealerships under which they can offer customers buying a vehicle the opportunity to take out a warranty for that vehicle. At the same time, Solid Försäkring signs an insurance contract with the car dealership meaning that the dealership’s risk for faults for which compensation can be paid under the issued warranty, according to the scope of the conditions of each warranty, is insured with Solid Försäkring. Car warranty insurance is currently distributed to car dealerships by affiliated representatives.

Självriskhjälpen is a supplement to standard vehicle insurance and involves reducing or eliminating the deductible in the event of, for example, theft, accident or break-in. Självriskhjälpen is distributed through partners, such as car dealerships, car mechanics and stores, but also directly to customers.

Solid Försäkring’s travel insurance includes travel insurance and cancellation insurance distributed via travel agents and directly to consumers.