Business-driven sustainability that builds customer value

All aspects of the operations that Solid Försäkring conducts are to be characterised by corporate, social and environmental responsibility. Until the separation from Resurs Holding and the separate listing  in November 2021, sustainability activities are carried out under Resurs Holding. For further information on how Resurs Holding’s work was conducted in 2021, refer to

In 2022, Solid Försäkring will adapt its approach to the preconditions for an independent company, but apply Resurs Holding’s sustainability activities as a starting point.

The foundation of our work is that sustainably not only involves doing what is right but is also about increasing value for customers and contributing to the long-term sustainable development of society. Insurance is based on confidence – and if this confidence is tarnished, the company may be jeopardised.

A regulated market with strong consumer protection

The insurance industry fulfils an important function in society, which means that the players in the industry have a huge responsibility to conduct their business operations based on applicable rules and according to the supervisory authorities. Insurance distribution requires a licence and is supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Solid’s task as an insurance provider involves safeguarding its employees’ skills and expertise and ensuring that the company’s insurance distribution is based on an impartial and personal analysis of customer needs.

Responsible insurance distribution is based on transparency and clarity concerning the terms and conditions associated with an insurance policy as well as responsible distribution, marketing and claims adjustment.

Risk management

The core operation of the insurance industry is understanding and managing risks. As an insurance provider, we are dependent on the confidence people have in our industry and in insurance companies’ ability to meet their obligations. By carrying out preventive risk reduction measures and spreading and distributing risk between several individuals, the insurance industry can help protect society, promote innovation and support economic development. This is an important contribution to a well-functioning and sustainable society.

Based on a long-term perspective, sustainability involves making conscious choices when we develop our insurance solutions that make it simpler for individuals and companies to make decisions that protect the environment and contribute to sustainability. We also work actively to keep our costs low to thereby offer affordable insurance that creates value for our customers.

Minimising claims and claims adjustment

Preventing claims is one of the most important things that an insurance company can do, both for customers’ security and finances and to help protect the planet’s resources from overconsumption.

Accordingly, for us sustainability also involves educating our partners and raising awareness of sustainability aspects in our work on claims adjustment. Repairing a damaged product rather than replacing it with another means that claims adjustment can be more effective, long-term and sustainable.