Solid Försäkring’s offering to partners comprises tailor-made package offerings, customer information and the administration and management of claims under the insurance policy. When a partnership has been entered into, we plan the integration phase together with the partner in part to ensure that personnel receive the right training, that necessary special adjustments of systems are made and that Solid’s offering is optimally integrated with the partner’s other business offering. The length of the sales and integration process varies depending on the type of partner and the specific circumstances.

In certain cases, the partner receives a brokerage commission. The brokerage commission can also sometimes be supplemented with a quality commission for which additional compensation could be received depending on the claim in specific portfolios. In other cases, the partner offers its customers an insurance policy with Solid Försäkring without receiving the compensation itself. In these cases, this is often because the partner believes that it is necessary to offer the end customer an insurance policy on the product or service in order to maintain a competitive offering.