Risk Committee

The Risk Committee continuously processes identified risks and related information that are established by the Board. The Risk Committee’s tasks include continuously provide the Board with proposals on issues that should be examined and to evaluate the ORSA report before presenting these findings to the Board. The Risk Committee is comprised of the CEO, CFO, Actuary function, Compliance function and Risk Control function.

Members: Marcus Tillberg, CEO, Sofia Andersson, CFO, Tom Persson (Actuary), Anne-Sofie Trevett (Risk) and Jessica Kjessler (Compliance).

Investment Committee

The primary task of the Investment Committee is to work with management of the company’s investment portfolio within the framework of the Board’s established governance documents. The Investment Committee meets on a monthly basis. The tasks and responsibility of the Investment Committee include the right to make decisions on investments and investment strategies and to analyse the financial markets and associated risks. The Investment Committee manages the risks that are associated with investments and follows up on liquidity risk every month.

Members: Marcus Tillberg, CEO, Sofia Andersson, CFO, and the external advisors Fredrik Carlsson, Sven Rosenkvist, and Carl Grapenfelt.

Sustainability Committee

The sustainability committee is a link between the operational and strategic sustainability work within Solid Försäkring. The sustainability committee is responsible for initiating, driving and following up the operational sustainability work with the aim of ensuring compliance with the Company’s long-term commitments. The committee prepares questions about focus areas, direction and activities to achieve decided sustainability goals before its consideration and decision by the board. The committee consists of senior executives and central functions.

Members: Marcus Tillberg, CEO, Sofia Andersson, CFO, Robert Olsson, Head of Operations, Magnus Olander, Chief Commercial Officer, Patrik Jönsson, Chief Information Officer, Jonatan Heberlein, Head of Legal, Kristina Bagge, Head of Human Resources and Sustainability, Tom Persson, Actuary, Anne-Sofie Trevett, Head of Risk Control & Information Seurity, and Jessica Kjessler, Head of Compliance.