January 31, 2022 13:00 Regulatory

Appointment of Solid Försäkring’s Nomination Committee ahead of 2022 AGM

An Extra General Meeting (EGM) held on 4 October 2021 resolved that the Nomination Committee ahead of future AGMs is to comprise the Chairman of the Board and Board members appointed by the four shareholders with the greatest number of votes on the final banking day in August every year. However, ahead of the 2022 AGM, the composition of the Nomination Committee is to be determined based on the four shareholders with the greatest number of votes on the final banking day in December 2021. The Chairman of the Board is to convene the first meeting of the Nomination Committee. The member appointed by the largest shareholder in terms of the number of votes is to be appointed Chairman of the Nomination Committee.

The main purpose and responsibilities of the Nomination Committee are to present proposals for the Chairman of the AGM, Board members, Board Chairman, auditors, Board fees specified by fees to the Chairman and fees to other Board members, remuneration for committee work and fees to the company’s auditor. Furthermore, the Nomination Committee shall, if deemed necessary, present proposals on amendments to the instructions for the Nomination Committee.

The process of asking shareholders if they wish to appoint a member of the Nomination Committee has now been completed. Ahead of the 2022 AGM, the Nomination Committee comprises: Martin Bengtsson appointed by Solid Försäkring’s largest shareholder Waldakt AB (the Bengtsson family), 28.9 per cent of the votes; Oskar Börjesson appointed by Livförsäkringsbolaget Skandia; Sten Schröder appointed by Catea Group AB; Patrik Jönsson appointed by SEB Fonder; and Lars Nordstrand, in his role as chairman of Solid Försäkring’s Board. Since Waldakt AB is the largest shareholder of Solid Försäkring, Martin Bengtsson is the Chairman of the Nomination Committee in accordance with the applicable instructions for the Nomination Committee.

Solid Försäkring’s 2022 AGM will take place on 28 April 2022. In order for the Nomination Committee to have the opportunity to consider any proposals received with due care, such proposals must be submitted not later than 28 February 2022. The Nomination Committee’s proposals will be presented in the notice of the 2022 AGM and on the Company’s website. Shareholders of Solid Försäkring are encouraged to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee by e-mail to [email protected] or by post to Solid Försäkring AB (publ), Attn: Nomination Committee, Landskronavägen 23, SE-252 32 Helsingborg, Sweden.